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Top 10 Free Dating Sites

As the internet becomes more and more part of our lives we find ourselves utilising the net for many of our day to day things. We can shop online for clothes, groceries, electronics and furniture. Social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have helped us keep in touch and get in touch with long lost friends and family. Millions of us have also ventured online to find our next relationship; in these busy times it can be hard to find and meet prospective partners, but sites like have made it that much easier.

There are thousands of free dating sites out there, so how do you tell which are good and which to stay clear from? Here we have compiled a list of our top 10 dating sites which are free to register with.

A free dating site that promises to be 100% free but with premium features such as 1-2-1 Video chat, Video Chatrooms, ChatRoulette, Video Speed Dating and Video Introductions. The creators of GiggaDate are on a mission to have no fake profiles on their site, so rest assured the people you get in touch with are "real". This is why they are so bold to put their own website in first place. Simply because no other website on the planet can say this. GiggaDate is the first dating site to only allow verified members. Some others offer it as an option but do not enforce it.

Founded in the USA eHarmony is massive over the pond and it looks to be becoming very popular here too. eHarmony is definitely a site for those individuals looking for serious relationships. An amazing fact - 236 eHarmony members marry every day which accounts for 2% of US marriages!

Another big hitter with more than 27 million users globally, like eHarmony this site is also ideal for serious relationship seekers. The site matches prospective partners based on a personality test, which is a nice way to quickly identify potential partners.

Our next favourite site is and its make it so high in our list mainly due to the fact that it has over 4.6 million users - with so many users you are bound to find someone you like! The gender proportion is also very healthy at 59% men and 41% women.

Third on our list is the well established and publicised Matchaffinity; this site has 570,000 visits a month from well over 4 million active users. Although it is a free site there are some really good reasonably priced upgrades available.

This site has made it into our top 10 because it is a bit different; your profile is written and set-up by a third person, usually a friend or close family member. It is more of a social dating site where the atmosphere is more relaxed; it currently boasts 400,000 UK members and is growing at 9,000 new members every month.

A completely UK based dating site that has 3 million active UK users. It is not 100% free but lets you register, browse and rate members for free. Because it is completely UK based users can search by specific locations, making it a bit easier to find someone close by.

A dating site that is dedicated to graduates and professionals, that is a good niche to target as it is this group of people that find it the hardest to go out and find partners. The site currently has 75,000 users and is growing rapidly.

The name is a bit of a giveaway, but that's exactly what it is. A site for fun, lively and like minded people to get together and have a bit of banter. Flirtbox is much more of a social site, the dating element is secondary. It is a trendy site that has been growing significantly since it was launched.

Last but by no means is least; one of our all time favourites is FriendFinder. This site has been around for a while and has a massive user base. Because it has been around for a while it has a nice community who are genuine and very helpful. The site itself offers features such as an online magazine and plenty of Good Housekeeping-style tips and advice.

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